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Etna wines at Vinitaly 2019

Etna wines are very appreciated. "Unmissable Etna": this is the name of the wine tasting dedicated to the Sicilian wines at Vinitaly 2019.


Mount Etna and its fruits

Etna, thanks to the properties of lava soil, gives us a lot of fruits. Oranges, apples, cherries and strawberries just to name a few.


“Crispelle”: tradition and goodness

Typical dessert of the feast of St. Joseph but also commonly served at the end of Sunday lunch "crispelle" are an explosion of flavors and smells of Etna: orange blossom…


Sicily: the most loved region by tourists

Sicily: the most loved region by tourists in 2018. It is the favourite destination of millions of travelers because here they find art, culture, sea and good food!


Bronte Pistachios from Sicily

DOP product from 2009 Bronte pistachio from Sicily is the green gold of Etna. It is used to produce ice cream, cakes and pesto.


Easter in Sicily

Don't miss the opportunity to spend Easter holidays in Sicily. Traditions, sweets, excursions and much more!


Sicilian Street food in Catania

Arancini, cipolline, a sandwich with meat: street food in Catania is a way of life. You can taste some of them also during our picnic.


Spring is coming

Spring is around the corner! Plan your holiday on Etna, we suggest you some itineraries!


The Alcantara Gorges, a visit to icy water

Have you ever seen the Alcantara Gorges? It is a natural canyon and there you can find really icy waters!

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