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What to wear for a Mt Etna tour

Suggested clothing and how to dress for an excursion on Mount Etna “What clothes should I wear to  …


Coronavirus: nature impact and outdoor activities

Do you miss outdoor activities?


The World Queen of Tourism 2020

According to an important American economic magazine, Sicily is the World Queen of Tourism 2020 thanks to its magnificent beaches, cities rich in art and the highest active volcano in…


Sicilian black bee, a quite and very productive bee

"Apis mellifera sicula": this is the name of a type of bee which is very productive but which risks extinction. Let's get to better know the Sicilian Black Bee!


San Silvestro a mare

Before welcoming the year 2020, in Catania takes place a sport competition that has been living for 60 years: "San Silvestro a mare".


New Year’s Eve on Mt. Etna

What are your plans for New Year's Eve? How will you start the new year? We'll give you some suggestions!


The walnuts of Etna

Have you ever heard of the giant walnuts of Motta Camastra? Placed at the foot of the volcano Etna this city offers us different varieties of walnuts. Let's discover them!


Christmas and its traditions

As every year in a few days we will prepare our Christmas tree: who knows the origin of this symbol? Find out with us!


The climate of Etna

What's the climate on Etna? How many degrees there will be?Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions about the climate of Etna.

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