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The Sicilian cannolo

If you are in Sicily you have to try the King of Sicilian Sweets: the Sicilian Cannolo!


Protected Natural Reserves in Sicily

There are places where the nature is untouched and animals and plants are preserved. We are talking about the Protected Natural Reserves.


Lakes in Sicily

We all know Sicilian beaches, the typical dishes of our island but..who knows Sicilian lakes? We talk about them today, we are sure you will want to visit them!


Arancino or Arancina? That’s the question!

You can call it "arancino" or "arancina": it is anyway a very tasty Sicilian product!


Porta Garibaldi in Catania

Catania has been destroyed several times but has always managed to rise and return to shine more than before! An example of this revenge is given by Porta Garibaldi.


The shelters of Etna

There are a lot of shelters on Etna where everyone can rest and have a picnic. Let's see some of them together!


Myths and legends: the origins of Sicily

How many myths and legends exist in Sicily! Do you know the one of Princess Sicilia? Let's read it together!


The well of Gammazita in Catania

In Catania there is an ancient water well linked to a legend: the well of Gammazita. Do you know it? Let's discover it together!


The Sicilian Granita, a cold breakfast

Almond or chocolate flavoured, with or without cream but accompanied by a warm brioche: this is the Sicilian granita, a fresh breakfast on hot summer days!

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