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Volcanic Vortex rings: the natural gas rings of Mt Etna

Mt Etna is famous for its spectacular eruptions and impressive gas and ash emissions, such us Volcanic Vortex  …


Etna for families

Etna is for everyone. Explorers, scientists, photographers, tourists, the elder and young people, children, families. Our beloved volcano  …


St. Agatha and Etna

In Italy, patronal festivals are very popular, especially in the south. Catania, with its feast dedicated to the  …


Our relationship with Etna

How can you peacefully live when you have Etna as your neighbour? It can’t be easy. The people  …


Etna and Jean-Pierre Houёl

Etna has always been a real ‘magnet’ for travellers even in the past. Numerous, over the centuries, have  …


Merry Volcanic Christmas!

This Christmas message is for all our previous Customers, the future ones, those who just visit our website  …


Which excursion to choose

Are you planning your trip and have already decided that your destination will be eastern Sicily? Do you  …


Etna’s summit craters

Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, 3357m, is always active. On clear days, it is visible from  …


What to wear for a Mt Etna tour

Suggested clothing and how to dress for an excursion on Mount Etna “What clothes should I wear to  …

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