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The shelters of Etna

There are a lot of shelters on Etna where everyone can rest and have a picnic. Let's see some of them together!


Myths and legends: the origins of Sicily

How many myths and legends exist in Sicily! Do you know the one of Princess Sicilia? Let's read it together!


The well of Gammazita in Catania

In Catania there is an ancient water well linked to a legend: the well of Gammazita. Do you know it? Let's discover it together!


The Sicilian Granita, a cold breakfast

Almond or chocolate flavoured, with or without cream but accompanied by a warm brioche: this is the Sicilian granita, a fresh breakfast on hot summer days!


The natural parks of Sicily

The Etna Park was the first to be established while the Nebrodi Park is the largest in Sicily. Let's learn together about the natural parks of Sicily!


Trees on Etna: the centuries-old ones

Do you know all the centuries-old trees on Etna? Chestnut, pines, oaks..let's see them!


Summer 2019 under Mt. Etna

You still don't know how you're going to spend your summer 2019? We give you some tips for a holiday between sea, mountains and culture!


Olive oil flows in the veins of Sicily!

In Sicily, the production of olive oil boasts important awards. This is due to the climatic and soil characteristics of Etna


“Vicolo stretto”: from Monopoly to Taormina

If you come on holiday to Taormina you can not miss to take a picture in front of the "Vicolo Stretto", a very narrow street!

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