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Outdoor trips to Mt. Etna for chestnut harvesting

Autumn has already begun, and with it begins the ideal season for harvesting chestnuts. The territory of Etna is rich in chestnut woods and the taste of the fruit it offers is particular and unique, thanks to the lava soil that is rich in minerals. There is therefore no better opportunity to carve out a family Sunday and take a trip in search of chectnuts!

cooked chestnuts

Where to collect chestnuts

Before you venture out in search of the best chestnuts to take home, you should know where to go. We have already said that Etna is rich in chestnut groves, especially on the southern side the most suitable areas are Nicolosi, Trecastagni and Pedara, while to the west the chestnut groves are found mainly in the upper part of Biancavilla and Adrano. Let’s not forget the territories of Maletto and the chestnut groves of Piano del Vescovo.

Rules for the harvesting of chestnuts

Even if some information is superfluous, we want to remember what to do in order not to give up a trip out of town in full respect of nature. First of all, remember to pay particular attention to waste: NEVER leave rubbish around, but always remember to collect it in special bags to be thrown in the areas dedicated to them. Using wicker baskets instead of plastic bags can be a useful idea!
We also remember that you must respect a protected area such as the Park of Etna following some behaviors such as: not to listen to loud music, not to damage the places visited, avoid noise and especially avoid leaving anything in the woods.
Finally, let’s not forget the safety rules: never stop at the edge of a road or near a bend or a descent and always proceed with caution in respect of all those present.

How to eat chestnuts

Chestnuts are very good even if eaten raw as soon as they are harvested, but they are more appetizing if they are cooked. On the streets of Catania it is very common to find stations that sell hot chestnuts (you could participate in one of the food tours arranged by our partner Sicily Day By Day), but if you want to try to cook them at home you can do it quietly. Just put the chestnuts in the water, after a couple of hours eliminate those climbed to galls (they are not good), dry the others and cut them with a knife. Put them in the oven for about 30 minutes at 220 ° C and… enjoy!

hot chestnuts
hot chestnuts