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Coronavirus: nature impact and outdoor activities

Are we finally realizing how important outdoor activities are?

The Coronavirus maybe is making us realize how important outdoor activities are, because now we miss them.

We are all going through a difficult moment that will remain in history. We are experiencing situations that we never imagined we would live: we are unable to move except for emergency situations.

Our routine has been disrupted, we are slowly beginning to adapt ourselves and we are rescheduling our days at home. The urban frenzy has disappeared, nobody runs to get to work on time and in the streets there is only silence. We have something precious at our disposal: the time. We have the time to invent new constructive hobbies, to call old friends and to stay with our family, we are not having lunch in a hurry anymore and we are rediscovering that time is precious, but at the cost of our freedom, which is important as well.

Coronavirus: the impact on nature

Nature is sending us a message. The Coronavirus emergency is not only changing our social habits, but also the environment around us. Animals are free and air pollution is being reduced due to the lockdown.

In some Italian towns you can now see dolphins near the coast. The absence of ferries and cruise ships makes a much better environment for dolphins and fishes. Anybody wouldn’t live in a dirty polluted environment, isn’it?

coronavirus nature impact fish in venice

In Venice you can now see fishes swimming through the lagoon. The water is clearer as it should always be. We are experiencing something never seen before in recent years: a collapse of pollution and much more respect for Mother Nature.

Coronavirus and safe outdoor activities

Nature is taking back its spaces. In the meantime we miss the contact with other people and the surrounding environment. We miss the world and everything is outside our house. We dream of walking by the sea. We’d like to go somewhere, lying in the sun and breathing fresh air.

We dream of the outside world which is now forbidden to us. We miss that natural environment which has always surrounded us, but which we used to take for granted.

How many of you now wish to be able to walk outside? Of course we all want to.

However do not forget that before we used to take our cars even for short trips, when it was not necessary, as we could instead opt for a quiet walk (which we would much prefer now!).

Perhaps the Coronavirus is making us rediscover the beauty of nature. Perhaps the condition in which we are living is making us reflect on how fundamental respect for the environment and animals is and how important healthy habits and outdoor activities are.

Experts suggest to avoid crowds and prefer outdoor activities, even at the end of the emergency. Welcome to nature excursions, open-air picnics, trekking tours, climbing and swimming! Who knows, maybe these healthy outdoor activities will become the hobbies of many people in the future.

Once the Coronavirus emergency is over and we all are back to our life, you could opt for Mt Etna tours. This could be the ideal way to start living again in full respect of the environment and nature, far away from crowds and urban frenzy.

We should always remember to protect and respect our planet. After all, we are only guests here. Nature is important: respect it and its animals.