Etna Experience organizes Etna tour, excursions, full and half day trips to enjoy the best visit, trekking and guided tours to Mount Etna Volcano

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Etna Experience, the Etna Tour Operator

Etna Experience is a tour operator in Sicily which values and promotes the Etna territory.
Our company was born more than 15 years ago and organizes daily Etna tours and surrounding areas. From many years, we let thousands of people from all over the world fall in love with the magic of our Volcano. We truly love our Volcano, from craters to its Wine.
Etna Experience team is friendly and young. In our office, open every day and located in the hearth of Catania, you will meet our multilingual staff, who will be pleased to organize your Etna day tour, taking care of all your needs and suggesting you the best holiday package at the best price.
All our guides are experts in the area, professionals in the sectors of environment and mountain. They are agronomists, environmental guides, naturalists, mountain guides and tour leader: all of this together to let you discover about the fascinating story and phenomena of Etna.
We offer different kind of Mt. Etna tours, with different levels of difficulty, different combinations, with a great variety.
Visiting Mt. Etna with Etna Experience means meeting Etna, the highest active Volcano in Europe – Unesco site, with the safety of an authorized Tour Operator; it means travelling on board of comfortable authorized vehicles or jeeps, accompanied by specialized guides who love our Volcano.

Etna Experience highlights:
• Small group tour, with a maximum of 8 people
• Pick-up and drop off in Catania and nearby area
• Experienced, friendly and expert guides
• Free rental equipment
• Customized trips

Our biggest desire is to let you live a unique Etna Experience and to let you fall in love, as much as we do, with Etna, Sicily and its marvel.

Our company deals with organizing transfers too. We can take you all over Sicily, from Catania, Taormina and Syracuse with our tour operator Sicily Day By Day.

Etna Experience, an international tour operator, regularly registered with the main trade associations and state registers, and at the same time a local non-scheduled transport company, has requested and obtained the state aid provided for the covid -19 emergency. Here below the details.

Titolo Misura Tipo Misura Denominazione Beneficiario C.F. Beneficiario Dettaglio € Data accredito su conto corrente
AG.ENTRATE PAG URG COVID19-ROMA-IT NOTE:CONTRIBUTO ART. 1 CO. 1 DL N . 73 DEL 2021  sostegni bis Etna Experience 04724500873 € 15.173,00 24/06/2021
AG.ENTRATE PAG URG COVID19-ROMA-IT NOTE: CONTRIBUTO ART. 1 DL N. 41 DEL 2021  sostegni Etna Experience 04724500873 € 15.173,00 09/04/2021
/BENEF/COVID-19 ANTICIPAZIONE TESORERIA PER MIBACT-DG TURISMO, CAP. 68 13920 mibact anticipo Etna Experience 04724500873 € 16.202,88 31/12/2020
PO FESR Sicilia 2014-2020 Azione Assesorato regionale infrastrutture e mobilità NCC  Etna Experience 04724500873 € 19.800,00 28/12/2020
BENEF/CONTRIBUTO AGENZIE DI VIAGGI O E TOUR OPERATOR mibact saldo Etna Experience 04724500873 € 19.261,97 24/12/2020
CONTRIBUTO ART. 59 DL N. 104 DEL 2020  centro storico Etna Experience 04724500873 € 6.053,00 14/12/2020
CONTRIBUTO ART. 1 DL N. 137 DEL 2020 ristori Etna Experience 04724500873 € 8.029,00 10/11/2020
CONTRIBUTO ART. 25 DL N. 34 DEL 2020 rilancio Etna Experience 04724500873 € 8.029,00 07/07/2020

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