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A hobby that has become a job

We know, the lava soil facilitates the production of unique foods that is possible to find only at the foot of the Volcano. Honey is one of the best known and appreciated, made thanks to a system of beekeeping that has its heart in Zafferana Etnea, where honey is considered the main source of revenue: for this reason it is called “Gold of Etna

Honey into a bowl

What is Honey?

Honey is a sugar solution produced by worker bees that take the nectar from the flowers and then transform it into honey in a special bag that is in their digestive system. Inside the hive there are “honeycombs” in which it is stored. Honey is a very nutritious food: it is composed of fructose, glucose, water, enzymes and essential oils. Colour and taste vary according to the source from which the nectar was extracted. Usually honey with a lighter colour is more valuable than honey with a darker colour.


Tradition says that in 1920, in Zafferana Etnea, a humble boy worker was particularly attracted to bees and the honey they produced. He decided to devote himself to the activity of beekeeper turning a passion into something that became his job. This is how the “lapari” (Sicilian beekeepers) grew up. The production of honey was therefore not just a hobby, it became a real profession which today can be accessed through training courses.
There are different varieties of honey. millefiori, orange honey, eucalyptus or chestnut are among the most popular. Propolis and royal jelly also come from the work of bees. The last one is mainly used as a restorative, propolis, natural antibacterial, is useful in case of cold and for the immune system.

During our etna excursion from Catania you can taste this typical honey. The Etna & Wine tour allows you to stop at shops that produce it by artisan: you will have the opportunity to taste the different qualities of honey and maybe buy your favourite!
Do you wish to visit these companies that produce honey but you can not participate to our etna tours? No problem! Ask for a transfer and a private service that allows you to reach Zafferana Etnea respecting your plans!