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How to organize to spend a day on Etna

Tips and tricks for a day of trekking

Are you packing your suitcase and can’t wait to start your trekking on Etna?Follow these little suggestions to live an unforgettable experience.

people walking on Etna

How to wear

First of all let us think about the time of year when you will be on the highest active volcano in Europe. If you are leaving in winter wear heavy clothing: a fleece sweatshirt and a heavy jacket must not be missing. If there has fallen snow you will also need sticks and snow shoes (to rent if you do not have them). In summer instead dress in “layers”: on Etna there are about 10° less than the city so you might feel a bit cold: then long pants, a fleece on a cotton shirt and a k-way inside your backpack. Do not forget your hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s rays: in August you could get a heavy tan!
No sandals and shoes with a smooth sole (you may slip when walking) will be goood common sporty shoes instead. In the shops that are located near Etna you can also rent hiking shoes at fairly cheap prices.

Finally do not be caught unprepared by hunger! A bottle of water and a sandwich will help you regain your strenght during a break. If you do not have one you can stop at one restaurant near the Crateri Silvestri.

Now all you have to do is to decide whether to take part in an organized tour or to go on your own. However you decide to go we wish you Good hiking!