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How to reach the volcano even if there is an eruption

Cloud of lava ash coming out from Etna
Eruption on December 2018

Etna has always given us continuous emotions with its eruptions and clouds of lava ash, which arouse the curiosity of millions of people from all over the world. There are, in fact, many tourists who are driven by the desire to see this spectacular phenomenon closely, so they organize theirholidays in Sicily, dedicating at least one day to the discovery of the highest active volcano in Europe.
Obviously, when an eruption occurs, averyone ask if it is possible to climb to Mount Etna and maybe join an excursion without running into danger.

Are all eruptions dangerous?

Etna produces both terminal or subterminal eruptions whose flows cannot reach the inhabited centres because they cool down before reaching them, and lateral eruptions during which eruptive mouths can be opened along the slopes of the volcano, and for this reason they are the most dangerous.

So a Etna volcano eruption is not always synonymous with danger.

If there are no restrictions imposed by the Prefecture or the INGV you can participate in one of our tours: the guides are the only people able to evaluate the elements of possible danger and change the route when necessar. Keeping the safety distance they can lead you to those panoramic points from which you can admire the eruption without incurring in situations of danger.
So do not go by yourself, it could be dangerous and certainly restrictive: do it only with a trusted guide!