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From the volcano to our tables high quality fruits

Spring has arrived and our tables are filled with many good as well as healthy seasonal product. Etna offers us an unlimited variety: it is well known that the volcano is a very productive territory capable of producing high quality ingredients with unique characteristics due to the nature of the lava soil.

An Etna fruit basket
fruits from Etna

Strawberries from Maletto

These strawberries owe their name to the village in which they are produced. Every year in June the town organizes the Strawberry festival, to make it known to those who have not yet tasted it or to make it even more appreciated by those who habitually eat it. The organoleptic properties of strawberries from Maletto remain unchanged thanks to the cultivation processes that involve moving the plant from the woods, where it is born spontaneously, to the field.
Small, fragrant and rich in vitamin C are sold between May and June.

strawberries from Sicily
Sicilian strawberries

Cherries from Etna

Cirasa“: this is the name of cherries in Sicilian dialect. Its cultivation has ancient roots in the territory of Etna, in 2006 it obteined the denomination “Cherry of Etna PDO“.
The characteristics of the cherry of Etna are strictly determined by the properties of Etna: it is a very sweet fruit, red in colour and of avarage size, on the market in June and July. The Etna cherry PDO is produced on the slopes of Etna in the municipalities of Giarre, Riposto, Mascali, Linguaglossa, Viagrande, Nicolosi, Belpasso and Adrano, just to name a few.

cherries of Etna
cherries from Etna

Oranges of Sicily

There is no need to say it: Sicily is the land of oranges, and the territory of Etna is particularly rich in them. The name Red Oranges of Sicily is used to identify some varieties of oranges with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) grown mainly in Catania, Enna and Syracuse. Territories in which there are favorable climatic conditions that contribute to the formation of pigmentation and inimitable taste.
In particular Mt Etna creates ideal conditions for this cultivation. Among the varieties of red oranges there are oranges Tarocco, Moro and Sanguinella. All are characterized by a bright orange color and are distinguished by nuances and internal streaks, whose color changes depending on the variety and the time of harvest.

red oranges from Sicily
Sicilian red oranges

Cola apples

This type of apple is an autochthonous fruit, produced mainly with biological cultivation and at altitudes that can reach up to 1600 meters. There are two varieties: cola apples, with their typical white flesh and bitter taste, and cola ice-cream apples which are very delicate and have a more sugary flesh.
The areas of cultivation are in Zafferana, Sant’Alfio, Milo, Nicolosi, Biancavillla, Adrano and Pedara.

Etna apples
Etna apples