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Mt Etna


“How should I dress for Mt Etna excursions?” This is one of the most frequently asked question we receive. Let’s find out more about the climate on Etna.

The climate on Etna, like on other high mountains, varies considerably throughout the day. Therefore, when the excursions plan a stop at the altitude of 2000 m, the temperatures can vary even of 15ºC.

After the sunset, there is a thermal excursion due to the higher elevation.

Usually from December to March the volcano is fully of snow. In that period, Etna Experience organizes ciaspolate during the Mt Etna Winter tour or other Etna excursions. Ciaspolate are walks on the fresh snow with the help of snowshoes): if you haven’t proper attire for the snow, please tell us in advance and we will seek to find warm and comfortable gear.

Temperatures around 2000 m of altitude:

Winter: minimum under zero; maximum not more than 8-10ºC.
Summer: minimum around 15ºC; maximum over 30ºC.
The climate of Catania, located at the base of the volcano, is temperate. It’s a Mediterranean city with mild winters and hot, dry summers prone to moderate changes due to the variety of the natural surroundings.

These characteristics enable you to visit Catania all year round! However, we remind you that the climate on Etna could change very easily so we recommend to wear comfortable clothes and to dress in layers.