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Volcanic Vortex rings: the natural gas rings of Mt Etna

Mt Etna is famous for its spectacular eruptions and impressive gas and ash emissions, such us Volcanic Vortex rings.

Among the many wonders this volcano has to offer, there is one particularly spectacular phenomenon: Volcanic vortex rings.

Volcanic eruptions – but not only – often create this work of art, as is happening these days. Gas rings occurs from the explosion of gas bubbles in the magma that is rising or stationing near the surface. This explosion creates an intense flow of air that the crater shapes and distorte. In the central part of the crater itself, the pressure of the gas is very high and so is its velocity. All around, the gas is ‘restrained’ by the walls of the shaft and then, as it rises, it begins to swirl around itself. It turns into a ring of gas that rises skywards, creating a beautiful and evocative spectacle.

The formation of Volcanic vortex rings depends on several factors. In general, the shock between its temperature and that of the atmosphere form the gas rings. This occurs when the air flow is more intense and the ejected material disperses more irregularly.

Volcanic vortex rings are often visible from great distances, thanks to their circular shape and contrast with the blue sky. They may last from a few to tens of seconds, fascinating the spectator with the beauty and power of nature. In conclusion, Volcanic vortex ring are a unique and stunning phenomenon of this majestic volcano.

The beauty and grandeur of nature cannot help but enchanted anyone who admire it. Remember, however, to always enjoy the spectacle from a safe distance.