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Myths and legends: the origins of Sicily

Not only good food

Sicily is not only good food, beautiful beaches and monuments; the island has also been the birthplace of many myths and legends. Today we remember the legend that explains the origin of the name of our beloved island.

map of Sicily with its specialities
map of Sicily

The myth of Princess Sicilia

Have you ever wondered why our beautiful land is called “Sicily“? According to myths and legends, a princess lived in Lebanon, Sicily, who lived happily in her kingdom with her parents. But one day an oracle said that if at the age of 15 the princess had not left her country, she would have been devoured by a monster. So it was that her parents, at her 15th birthday, sent her away on board a boat in the Mediterranean Sea. After three months of sailing and just when the girl thought she was dying, she arrived on a lush land, rich in fruits and flowers. The happy girl landed on this land, which, however, was deserted. So a young boy appeared and told her that all the inhabitants had died of the plague, and they were the two chosen by the gods to create a new lineage. So it was that the two loved each other and gave birth to the first generations of Sicilians. The territory took its name from the one who brought life back to this island.

We have therefore discovered where, according to the myth, the name of our land would come from. Lush land full of fruits, flowers and enjoying unique natural beauty, such as our volcano Etna! Discover our island up close by taking part in our Etna tours, or book a sailing tour to discover the myth of Ulysses!