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New Year’s Break at the Sea or up the Mountain?

The unique event in the world, organized by Item Nuoto Catania with the collaboration of the Circolo Canottieri Jonica is an event of great interest in the media and of considerable attraction of sportsmen and women between competitors and spectators at national and international level. Professionals and non-professionals from all age groups and various countries take part in the competition. The event, now in its 55th edition, was created by Lallo Pennisi, an institution of water polo in Catania, in 1960. This year the weather conditions will give the brave participants a cold water, but also the opportunity to have a “pleasant” swim with a breathtaking view: the majestic volcano Etna whitened! From the sea you can see Etna in all its mighty splendor, and the season (and the polar cold) give us a fairytale setting: peaceful Catania that prepares for New Year’s Eve celebrations with its snowy mountain looming over her, threatening but protective at the same time … cross and delight of this unique place in the world.
So sea lovers will find on the slopes of Etna a special event to greet together the new year.
Catania, however, is a city of a thousand resources, and for those who prefer the mountain offers the opportunity to make unforgettable excursions on its spectacular volcano. As you may have guessed, the cold of these days gives us a fairytale whitewashed landscape and offers us the opportunity to go trekking with snowshoes. The contrast between the landscapes of black lava stone, with their wild and uncontaminated charm, and the white of the white expanses of snow, where time seems to stand still and silence and peace reign unchallenged gives us the opportunity to make unforgettable tours on Etna.

And for those who, arrived at high altitude, should regret that beautiful and invigorating swim in the Gulf of Ognina, Etna offers spectacular views, with the sea extending as far as the eye can see … so if during the excursion you will be caught by an attack of “aquatic nostalgia”, look around, the sea is there (almost) two steps …
For all the others instead… say hello with your little glove hand to those crazy people over there in their swimsuits!!!!
Whether you choose a swim in the sea or a hike in the mountains, we wish you