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Olive oil flows in the veins of Sicily!

Oil is the yellow gold from the Sicilian land

The undisputed king of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is an essential element in the homes of Italian people, a simple but precious product as it is capable of totally changing the flavor of a dish. The characteristics of the soil and the particular Sicilian climate are a perfect combination for the olive oil production. If these elements are also combined with a particular care for the fruits of their own land and attention to the various phases of production here we come to the creation of a quality product.

Olive Oil Awards: five Sicilian companies appear!

Sicily boasts countless companies awarded for the quality of their oils, both at home and abroad. The 2018 edition of the “Olive Oil Awards“, a competition held in Nuremberg among the producers of the sector, saw five Sicilian companies awarded among the best 15 in the world: the Vasadonna estate (Belpasso), the Val Paradiso company ( Favara), the company Salvatore Cutrera (Chiaramonte Gulfi), the Bio Terrazzino (Raffadali) and finally the Arkè (Calatanissetta).

A bowl with Sicilian oil
Sicilian Oil

Those mentioned above are the companies included in this ranking but we can assure you that they are not the only Sicilian companies worthy of note. There are about 400 Sicilian olive oil labels. Many of these offer the visitor the chance to enter into their world. The possibility to know how to produce oil, to find out what is behind the oil that we add to our dish . Obviously all inclusive tasting, as the oil just like the wine is evaluated for three main aspects: color, smell, taste.

If you want to try the oil tastings alongside the classic wine tastings, take a look at our tours and discover the beauty of the Sicilian territory, starting from the simplicity and goodness of their products. If from the substance, that is from the table, you want to discover this territory also through its culture, its architecture, turn to our partner Sicily Day By Day for the organization of a cultural tour aimed at making you love Sicily for every aspect of its being.

Olive tree branch
Olive tree