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San Martino: chestnuts and wine!

How to spend the day of San Martino in Sicily

In a few days, exactly on the 11th of November, will be the day of San Martino celebrating the bishop of Tour, San Martino, famous for his humility and charity. In San Martino’s day “every grape must becomes wine” and therefore, as every tradition, you can taste the wine and accompany it with roast chestnuts and typical sweets of the feast!

grape must ready for prepare new wine on San Martino's day
grape must

The summer of St. Martin

A legend says that the Bishop Martin, who had met a half-naked merchant on a very cold day, divided his cloak with him to allow him to cover himself. Suddenly the cold disappeared and the sun appeared. From here the definition of “The summer of San Martino” indicating the period immediately before the 11th November, generally characterized by lower temperatures than those expected for the autumn,which then arrive punctual immediately after.

The feast of San Martino in Sicily

In Sicily, this feast is associated with the maturation of new wine, so every 11th of November is expected a good glass of wine accompanied by warm chestnuts and, why not.. even sausage and typical biscuits. There are also many village festivals and fairs set up for this day. If you are in Catania a special way to spend this day is definetely to participate in a Mt. Etna tour from Catania. Maybe book the Etna & Wine tour that will allow you to taste the best Sicilian wines after a light trek on the volcano. C,lick here to know the price of Etna excursions and any tips on how to deal with this experience!

If you want to live the Summer of San Martino to the end take part in the sailing tour with our partner Sicily Sailing Experience and you will have the opportunity to spend another day of summer by the sea!