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In Catania, we close the year with a dive!

As every year, Catania will close 2019 with an international swimming competition, the “San Silvestro a Mare“, a traditional swimming competition held in the waters of the small port of Ognina. A competition in which participate not only professionals but also ordinary people of all age groups and even from various nations: especially people who are not afraid of the cold temperatures of the sea in December!

a swimmer at sea
swimmer at sea

San Silvestro a mare edition n°60

The San Silvestro a mare is a sporting event born in 1960 thanks to the pallanotist Lallo Pennisi, and since then it has become a fixed appointment on December 31 in Catania: a unique tradition in the world with which we celebrate the last day of the year and welcome the new. Many swimming enthusiasts and not only do not give up the appointment that this year has reached the edition n° 60.
Before the traditional dive at 9.30 a.m. it will be possible to attend the demonstration of recovery of a figurante with an AW139 helicopter of the Coast Guard of Catania. The Sicilian Blue Movement will also be present and will collaborate by cleaning the backdrop of the competition field.

In the match there will be disabled, under 17, Master under 40, , master over 40, women, amateurs under 50 and Absolute; also present some players of the first team of DMG Nuoto Catania.
An appointment not to be missed, which we recommend you to follow if you are in the city of the elephant to celebrate New Year 2020. If you also love the sea and you are not afraid to dive in spite of the cold water, you could take advantage of it to participate in a sailing tour organized by our partner Sicily Sailing Experience.

An appointment that has become a tradition for the people of Catania is also the one with our volcano Etna: many people love to admire the dawn of the first day of the new year on Etna; families with children, instead, do not miss the opportunity to take a trip on the volcano, taking advantage of the abundant snow already present at altitudes easily reachable. If you too would like to welcome the year 2020 in an unforgettable way, book your Etna tour: there is no better way to welcome the new year!