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Hello dear friends,

Today, everybody looks at the sky, in order to see the solar eclipse!

Today, Friday, March the 20th to see the Black Sun, source of a lot of legends

It is the day for the spring equinox, but not only that. It will also be possible 

The arrival of the astronomic spring, will take place at the same time of the Solar Eclipse visible from all Italy. The starting time depends on the place you are. For instance, if you were in Iceland you would be able to see something from 9:47 until 11:36.

Here in Catania, the darkness (here it is not going to be completely dark, so it is not necessary to start looking for the candles) will start 9:47and it will finish by 11:36

Just in time to allow our guides to arrive to the top, together with the participants of the Excursions on Mt. Etna.

We all from Etna Experience were yesterday getting ready for the event. There were people coming with sun glasses, dark glasses, or old radiographies. And it this point it became really funny. When we saw those pictures of broking bones we started joking “Yes, I was 3 months on bed, but it was my best Goal!”

We tough our guides were just volcanologists, geologists, agronomist… but never the less!! 

They are also astrologists, astrophysics, and almost astronauts!

Anyway, at the end we were able to find the right instruments to enjoy the event without eye injuries. And all our jeeps run up the volcano with our excursionists to see the solar eclipse from a unique place: Etna Volcano.

After being enjoying the sky it is time to come back to Earth, and start our volcano trekking tour. And as 

Etna is covered of snow at the moment, a stunning walk with snow shoes over the lateral craters is waiting for us.

What happened today was an important event in the solar calendar. This was the 9th the 21st century. The solar eclipse takes place when the moon moves between our big star, and our Planet. 

Where its shade is dropped we see a black disc with a solar ring. But we see it like this when the solar eclipse is complete. Unfortunately from Italy we can just enjoy a partial eclipse, also visible from the rest of Europe, Africa, Russia and Middle East.