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Sicilian Street food in Catania

Street cooking art

Street food: eating local food in the street. It sounds like a strange custom but in Catania it’s almost a way of life! Coming to Catania without tasting Sicilian street food means visiting the city in half, losing the opportunity to know the true sould of the city.

An arancino on the table

Meat street food

In the evening walking along Via Plebiscito, the street food district of excellence, you will be overwhelmed by the good smell of roast meat: along the sidewalks you will find several grills with tables next to them for a quick break. Order a mixed dish of meat, especially after a tour on Etna: horse meat fillet and meatball, and the tasty “cipollata” ( bacon wrapped on a long onion). If you are in a hurry ask for a sandwich with meat inside.

grilled meat

Soft drink and sweets

Would you like some dessert after dinner? No problem! Just go to a pastry shop and take a Sicilian cannolo with ricotta, or if it’s summer a lemon granita. Finally, to finish the dinner based on Sicilian street food, stop at one of the kiosks of the city to drink a seltz with lemon and salt: among the various kiosks of Catania the most popular are in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (Giammona), in Piazza Trento, the one in Piazza Roma and the one located at the entrance of the market in Catania (Costa).

If you want to quickly taste something typical at lunch you should go to the fish market (next to Piazza Duomo): here you will find samples of cheese and olives as well as fried fresh fish.

a kiosk in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Catania
Kiosk in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Typical street food: tavola calda

A Sicilian street food to try is “tavola calda”: arancini, pizzette, cartocciate (similar to closed pizzas stuffed with ham and cheese or with spinach), cipolline (puff pastry stuffed with tomato, ham and cheese) are just the traditional examples par excellence. Ideal for a quick lunch break, you can find them in all the bars of Catania. Among the most famous bars of the city we suggest you to stop at the bar “Etoile d’or” (open 24 hours a day!) located next to Piazza Duomo, and the very famous bars “Spinella” and “Savia” in Via Etnea in front of Bellini Garden. In addition to the typical arancino with meat sauce you can also find those with pistacho, with aubergines (“alla norma”) or also with Nutella!

You can try all these specialities joining the Catania Street food walking tour with our partner Sicily Day By Day.

Street food on Etna

Our tours also include a lunch based on snacks or “tavola calda”, and this is what gives an extra touch to our picnic: Catania street food that reaches up to the highest active volcano in Europe. Etna Experience selects the best bars to offer to its customers pizzette, cipolline and cartocciate among the best of Catania. Sicilian Street food and a glass of good Etna rosso wine admiring a landscape that only Etna can offer, what more could you want?!