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The “Feast of the Dead”, a Sicilian tradition

On the 2nd of November it is celebrated the Feast of the Dead. In Sicily there is still the custom of giving gifts to children.What do you know about this…


U Liotru, the symbol of Catania

Do you know what is U Liotru? It is the symbol of Catania, always a symbol of good luck, deeply linked to the Volcano Etna.


Protected Natural Reserves in Sicily

There are places where the nature is untouched and animals and plants are preserved. We are talking about the Protected Natural Reserves.


Lakes in Sicily

We all know Sicilian beaches, the typical dishes of our island but..who knows Sicilian lakes? We talk about them today, we are sure you will want to visit them!


Arancino or Arancina? That’s the question!

You can call it "arancino" or "arancina": it is anyway a very tasty Sicilian product!


Olive oil flows in the veins of Sicily!

In Sicily, the production of olive oil boasts important awards. This is due to the climatic and soil characteristics of Etna


Etna: between myths, cinema and literature over the centuries

So powerful and proud, since ancient times our Etna has been the object of inspiration for artists, intellectuals and writers.