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San Silvestro a mare

Before welcoming the year 2020, in Catania takes place a sport competition that has been living for 60 years: "San Silvestro a mare".


The climate of Etna

What's the climate on Etna? How many degrees there will be?Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions about the climate of Etna.


Reach Etna from Catania: how to do it.

Are you in Sicily and want to visit Etna? Don't you know how to reach it? Read here, you will find some useful tips!


San Martino: chestnuts and wine!

In San Martino every grape must becomes wine! A good glass of wine and warm chestnuts to enjoy the 11th of November!


What to do in Catania in a few days

Are you going to spend a few days in Catania? There are a lot of activities to do: Etna excursions, cultural and gastronomic tours and much more!


Protected Natural Reserves in Sicily

There are places where the nature is untouched and animals and plants are preserved. We are talking about the Protected Natural Reserves.