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The Sicilian green lungs

Sicily, you know, is an island rich in beauty not only architectural but also, and above all, natural. Anyone who decides to spend their holidays in Sicily knows that here there are beautiful beaches, a warm climate, many cities to visit in search of unique architectural works. But perhaps not many people know that Sicily also boasts natural parks that deserve to be visited. We list some of them, inviting you to discover them: you will be enchanted.

Etna Park
The Etna Park

The Etna Park

It was the first natural park to be established, on 17th March 1987, it boasts a territory of 59000 hectares and has the main task of protecting the natural environment surrounding the volcano Etna, as well as promoting its environmentally friendly development. The territory has been divided into 4 zones: Zone A or “integral reserve”, Zone B or “general reserve”, the pre-Park or “protection area with controlled development” consisting of Zones C and D.

The Nebrodi Park

It was established in 1993, with its surface of 86000 hectares is the largest protected natural area of Sicily. The natural park of Nebrodi to the north overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea while to the south the limit is marked by the Alcantara river and the high course of the river Simeto. The natural park of the Nebrodi is the richest area of fauna in Sicily, among the many specimens here you can see the black pig of the Nebrodi, wild boars, foxes and wild cats.

The Alcantara River Park

Established in 2001, it includes the part of the territory between Messina and Catania that forms the basin of the Alcantara River. The landscape that characterizes this park is born from the interaction between water and fire, a landscape characterized by gorges, smooth walls and jumps of water. The homonymous gorges are a must for those who come to Sicily, and we also offer you the opportunity to wet your feet in their icy waters by participating in the Mt. Etna and Alcantara Gorges tour, one of the most popular tours because it allows not only trekking on Etna but also to admire the Alcantara Gorges with their fascinating landscape.

Alcantara Gorgesand its river
Alcantara Gorges

If you would like to enjoy a day in one of these natural parks but you do not have your own car, contact our partner, they will be happy to arrange a private transfer for you!