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Finding comfort in shelters and bivouacs

On the territory of Etna there are several refuges where you can stop perhaps to rest after practicing trekking. These shelters are accessible to everyone, are made of lava stone and wood and inside you can usually find: a fireplace with firewood, a table and a bench. They do not offer many comforts but they certainly allow you to spend time in close contact with nature. Let’s see together which are the most popular and visited refuges on Etna.

Etna shelter

Timparossa shelter

It is one of the most characteristic refuges: small but also welcoming. It is equipped with a stove, a barbecue and a rainwater tank. Outside there is a wooden table with benches; it also allows you to stay overnight inside. Obviously there are no beds inside, so take a sleeping bag and get ready to admire the stars away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Galvarina shelter

Located at 1818 meters above sea level is one of the most fascinating shelters of Etna, easily accessible and suitable for everyone. It is always open and has a fireplace and non-drinkable water: it is the ideal place for a picnic or an overnight stay with a sleeping bag.

Galvarina shelter

Shelter Monte Scavo

It is located on the north-western side of Etna near the homonymous crater. Inside this refuge also has a fireplace, while a well with undrinkable water.

Monte Spagnolo shelter

This refuge is located at an altitude of 1400 meters along the Altomontana track of the volcano, and is a landmark for hiking on the north side.

Saletti shelter

It was renovated a few years ago, has a fireplace inside while at the entrance there is a fountain of water. It is located within the territory of the municipality of Randazzo.

saletti shelter
Saletti shelter

Don’t you wish to visit one of these shelters? Often our guides stop at one of them to allow our customers to have lunch break surrounded by nature, in full respect of the surrounding environment. Book the right tour for you, and accompanied by experienced guides of the area you can admire landscapes that only Etna gives us!
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