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The king of Sicilian sweets

When we talk about Sicily, we inevitably also talk about cooking: sweet and salty, Sicilian people have everything! We know how good and inimitable arancini or granita with brioche are, but let’s not forget the King of Sicilian pastries. the Sicilian Cannolo!

Sicilian cannolo
Sicilian Cannolo

The history of the Sicilian cannolo

Have you ever wondered where the name “cannolo” comes from? It seems to be due to the river canes used to shape the dessert: the wafers were rolled on the canes before being cooked, so that they could take the classic cylindrical shape that we all know today.
This sweet so good, which today is not missing on the table of Sicilians, aspecially at the end of Sunday winter lunches, was produced for the first time in the city of Caltanissetta by the women of harem during the domination of the Moors in Sicily. This habit was carried out by the cloistered nuns, when the island was later regained by the Christians.

The Sicilian cannolo seems an easy dessert to prepare but in reality it is not so simple: the rind must be crisp and the filling must be added just before it is consumed, otherwise the cannolo will be soft and not very pleasant taste. The original recipe provides that the cannolo is stuffed with ricotta, but equally good are also cannoli with cream, chocolate or in more modern variants such as pistachio. Today is not difficult to find then the “cannolo scomposto“: a modern reinterpretation of the famous Sicilian sweet that is served inside a cup with the shattered wafer dipped in the cream of ricotta!

Obviously if you are in Sicily it is not difficult to find a bar that can serve you an excellent Sicilian cannolo, a dessert that today is part of the Traditional and Italian Food, Products of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. And it is definitely a great way to end the day perhaps at the end of a trek on Mt. Etna: what better way to find the energy spent on the highest active volcano in Europe if not with this mix of sweetness and goodness?

Sicilian cannolo with ricotta and pistachio
Sicilian cannolo with ricotta

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