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Good, healthy and even giant!

Hull, shell and eatable seed: these are the parts of which is composed a walnut, dried fruit that has many nutritional properties and useful for health. In fact, according to some studies, walnuts help to reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and are recommended for diabetics.

Some walnuts
Walnuts from Etna

The giant walnuts of Motta Camastra

Motta Camastra is a village situeted between Etna and Taormina, which is also known as the village of walnuts and especially of giant walnuts. The country is known in fact not only in Italy but also abroad for the quality of this fruit of which you can find 3 qualities: “Panuzzara“, “Pacenzia” and “Currò“.
The “Panuzzara” walnut is the classic giant walnut: the name in fact refers to the bread, since when it still has the husk the walnut is really very large.
The walnut “Pacenzia” owes its name to the patience needed to collect them from the tree, “Currò” instead derives from the name of those who produced this variety of walnuts.
Motta Camastra walnuts are used to produce different products: in fact, in addition to being consumed as dried fruit, they are chopped to produce oil; with the hull of unripe walnuts, “Nocino” is also produced.

A glass of Nocino,made from walnuts from Etna
Nocino made from walnuts

In autumn a festival is generally organized in Motta Camastra during the harvest period: what better occasion to visit the town and maybe take advantage of it to take a tour of Taormina or maybe take part in a tour on Mount Etna?
Between the municipalities of Castiglione di Sicilia and Motta Camastra are the Alcantara Gorges, which you can visit, from April to October, participating in our Mt Etna and Alcantara Gorges Tour: a full day tour that, starting from Catania will allow you to make a light trek between extinct craters, visit a cave of volcanic origin and admire the imposing Alcantara Gorges. Contact us for more information!

If you want to discover other flavors that as well as walnuts are typical of our island, book a Walking street food tour with our partner Sicily Day By Day: dried fruit, cheese, olives and many typical Sicilian specialties!