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Trees on Etna: the centuries-old ones

The inhabitants of the mountain

There are “beings” who have lived on our volcano since very old times and have survived eruptions, storms and even human action: we are talking about the centuries-old trees of Etna.
During an Etna tour it is not difficult to notice chestnut trees, pines, oaks or birches, each of which certainly boasts the exponent par excellence! Let’s discover them together!

Flora on Etna

The chestnut of the hundred horses

We have all heard of the largest and most famous chestnut tree on Etna: the Chestnut of the hundred horses. 22 meters high, with a diameter of 68 meters and an estimated age between 2000 and 4000 years it is the oldest tree in Europe and perhaps also one of the three oldest trees on the planet.
There are several legends about this chestnut tree, certainly the most famous is its hability to repair from a strong thunderstorm a queen with its army of 100 horses and 100 knights.

The chectnut of the hundred horses
Chestnut of the hundred horses

The “Zappinazzu”

It is the largest larch pine on Etna with a height of 31 meters and an age of 300 years. It is located inside the Ragabo Pinewood of Linguaglossa. The name derives from the mispronunciation of the dialectal term “zappino” which in Sicilian dialect means just the pine. Currently it is not only the oldest but also the largest pine in the territory of the Park of Etna.

Nameplate of Zappinazzu with its informations
Nameplate Zappinazzu

Ilice of Carrinu

Ilice of Pantano, also called Ilice Carrinu, is the largest and oldest holm oak on Etna and it is located on the border between Milo and Zafferana Etnea. This specimen has branches carved by the wind and are among the longest in the world. It is about 700 years old and has a height of 25 meters.

Ilice of Carrinu
ilice of Carrinu

The tree of Acqua Rocca

The king of beeches: with an umbrella-like crown and a height of 19 meters it is estimated to be about 300 years old. To its left is the vertical tock wall of Acqua Rocca waterfall.

The tree of Acqua Rocca
tree of Acqua Rocca

To discover these and many other paths book a tour on Etna, you will be guided by our experienced guides who will provide you with lots of information on the highest volcano in Europe!