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“Vicolo stretto”: from Monopoly to Taormina

“Vicolo stretto”, a jewel of Taormina

For those who think about the Monopoly box well when they hear the name of “Vicolo Stretto”, maybe it’s time to organize a day trip in Taormina! “Vicolo Stretto” (narrow alley), as you can guess from the name, it’s pathway which is particular because of its little width, less than one meter, maintained throughout its lenghht. You can admire it during an easy walk on the main street of Taormina, Corso Umberto. You will notice it as you notice the Tower of Pisa, for the unthinkable and funny poses of the tourists who crowd tis jewel of urban planning during the whole day.

Walking through Taormina

Walking by Corso Umberto it won’t certainly be the only thing that will catch your attention, because Taormina is a fascinating place from several points of view. From its dark colors that refer to the colors of the nearby Etna used for the lava stones which the whole Taormina is built with, to the soft lighting through which you can admire it while walking trhought its alleys; the typically Sicilian heat that you will feel entering in any bar, and the vitality that will take you on a stroll thhrough Duomo square; from the amazement that you’ll experience when you’ll look out from the viewpoint of IX Aprile Square, to the tranquility that you will experience while walking through the Gardens of the Municipal Villa.

What is most fascinating about this place is the mixture of history and legends, reality and magic, with a strong prevalence of the second ones over the first ones. But don’t just read about Taormina, visit it, live it, this is the only way to make you understand these words.

Taormina by night | IX Aprile Square

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