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What to do in Catania in a few days

Excursions, activities and attractions

Catania is a fascinating city that attracts many tourists. The Airport Vincenzo Bellini is the main airport of the island and the sixth in Italy for passenger traffic that every year is growing. After all Catania is in a priviliged position because from the city you can easily reach other Sicilian cities such as Taormina and Syracuse.
If you want to spend a few days in Catania here are some tips on the various activities to do, excursions and attractions not to be missed!

Mt. Etna and the port of Catania
Etna and Catania port

1. The Cathedral of St. Agatha

The Cathedral of Catania is located in Piazza Duomo, it is dedicated to the Patron Saint of the city, Saint Agatha. Inside there are many frescoes and funerary monuments such as those dedicated to Vincenzo Bellini and Cardinal Dusmet. In the right apse there is the chapel of Saint Agatha: inside there is kept all year round the reliquary bust of the Patron Saint. Through an entrance located on the right side of the cathedral you can also access the “Terme Achilliane“.

Piazza Duomo, the elephant and the cathedral
Catania Cathedral

2. Ursino Castle

Not far from Piazza Duomo is Piazza Federico di Svevia: in the centre of the square there is the Ursino Castle, built by Federico II of Swabia. Walking around you can still admire the towers and walls that have remained intact and the ruins of the city walls inside the courtyard. Today the castle is the seat of the city’s civic museum. If you are in Piazza Federico di Svevia do not forget to stop at our office (located right behind the castle, at number 32!) we will be happy to provide all the information you need.

3. The Benedictine Monastery

The second largest Benedectine Monastery in Europe, now home of the Department of Humanities of the University of Catania. It is really difficult to explain the greatness of this majestic building: cloisters, the Big Refectory and public library are only some parts of this monastery, which can be appreciated only after having admired them with your own eyes.

the cloister of marbles inside the Benedectine Monastery
cloister of marbles

4. Etna tour

Impossible to leave Sicily withouth a tour on Mt. Etna! With its 3350 meters is the highest active volcano in Europe, and relying on experienced guides you can live a unique experience. Depending on the period in which you will be in Catania and the time available you can choose to participate in a half-day tour, or a tour that allows you to reach the summit craters, or even admire the sunset from Mt. Etna! Choose the tour on Etna suitable for you and contact us to book it!

people hiking on Etna
hike on Etna

5. Gastronomic tour

Catania is not only art, monuments and guided tour on Etna; Catania is also food, good food! Anyone who comes to Catania can not resist the culinary delights that can be found there: arancini, granita, cannolo and cassata, or even a simple “seltz” with lemon and salt. Do you want to discover these goodness but do not know where to go? Contact our partner Sicily Day By Day and book your Catania Street Food Walking tour!