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What to wear for a Mt Etna tour

Suggested clothing and how to dress for an excursion on Mount Etna

“What clothes should I wear to go to Etna?” “What kind of clothing is suitable for Etna?” “Should I wear hiking shoes or tennis shoes?” The topic of the ideal clothing for Etna excursions is one of the most common questions we are asked. Let’s see how to dress to go to Etna.

Whether you are planning to visit Mount Etna on your own, or you have already booked an excursion to Mount Etna with a guide, it is essential to leave prepared and in suitable clothing so that you can trek safely and comfortably, without slipping on the volcanic terrain which can sometimes be irregular and a bit steep.

Temperatures on Etna: how to dress according to the season

One of the fundamental aspects to consider is that the temperatures on Etna are different from those in the city centre. The climate at high altitude (considering 2000 meters above sea level) undergoes phenomena of temperature changes depending on the season, but also on the time of day.

Usually, on Etna there will always be about 10 or 15 degrees Celsius less than in the city centre of Catania, a city that enjoys a mild climate all year round thanks to the presence of the volcano.
Generally, these are the temperatures we can expect at 2000 meters, depending on the different seasons:
Winter: from 0° to 10°
Spring: from 5° to 19°
Summer: from 15° to 30°
Autumn: about 0-5° and 10-15°

The advice is to dress in comfortable clothes, but always in layers so that you can cover and/or undress if you feel too hot or too cold. Yes to comfortable and long trousers: better to avoid shorts or skirts. You have to consider also the wind: the higher you get, the stronger the wind could get. For this reason, we recommend to bring a wind-jacket (always included for free in our Mt Etna tours). The ideal clothing for Mt Etna would be, therefore, comfortable trousers, t-shirts, light long-sleeved sweatshirt, wind-jacket (more or less heavy depending on the season).

Are trekking shoes necessary to go to Etna?

Let’s talk now about an important topic: the shoes to wear for a hike on Mount Etna.
It is necessary the use of sturdy trekking shoes if you have booked a trekking excursion or even if you choose to go alone (but we remind you that it is not possible to hike all the paths without an expert nature guide).
Trekking boots are essential to walk the paths safely. Sneakers with an excessively smooth sole are not suitable, as they risk slipping. Moccasins or sandals are also forbidden. If you do not have hiking shoes, you may opt for sturdy sneakers with non-smooth soles.
During Mt Etna tours, trekking shoes are also provided free of charge and included in the price, as they are essential for safety during trekking.

To sum up… how to dress to go to Etna?

  1. Choose trousers and avoid shorts
  2. Layered clothes
  3. Be sure to bring a wind jacket
  4. Wear hiking shoes; if you don’t have them, choose sturdy sneakers.
  5. Hat and gloves, but only in winter

All right! Now we are ready and equipped to spend a wonderful day on Etna!