Etna Experience organizes Etna tour, excursions, full and half day trips to enjoy the best visit, trekking and guided tours to Mount Etna Volcano

Are you planning your trip and have already decided that your destination will be eastern Sicily? Do you want to discover our beloved volcano but don’t know which excursion is the best one for you? Follow our guide and find out the most suitable experience for you!
First of all, you need to understand how much time you want to dedicate to this experience. Will half a day be enough? Perhaps a full day is what you need? A full day only on Etna or divided between the volcano and another “must see” place?
Once this is clarified, it will become easier to choose.

Half-day excursions

If you are short on time, a half-day excursion is the best option.
Whether in the morning or in the afternoon until sunset, with this excursion you will be able to walk over extinct craters and cross old lava flows and visit a lava tunnel. It will be a short but intense experience!

Silvestri craters. Photo credit: Danilo Costanzo IG: @danjacostanzo

Full-day excursions combining Etna with the Alcantara Gorges or Taormina

If you are short on time and want to condense two of the most beautiful places of our island into one day, the Etna, Wine & Alcantara or the Etna, Wine & Taormina tours are for you. After a nice morning trek on the northern slope, discovering extinct craters, old lava flows and a lava tunnel, you will stop at a winery for lunch with typical products and a wine tasting. After lunch, our guides will lead you to admire the fascinating Alcantara Gorges or Taormina, the Pearl of Sicily. In both places you will have free time to spend as you prefer.

Rainy trek with the rainbow, Sartorius craters. Photo credit: Danilo Costanzo IG: @danjacostanzo

Full-day excursions to Mount Etna

If your goal is to know our volcano in depth, then full-day excursions to Mount Etna are for you.
If you want to reach the roof of Europe with ease, then the excursion that includes the cable car is the right choice. With this excursion, you can reach the maximum altitude set by the authorities and have a real “face to face” with the South-East crater, the peak of Etna.
If you prefer to get away from the tourist trails and do a very demanding hike, the best solution is the Full-Day Hiking Tour. This excursion, however, is only intended for experienced hikers in good health.

Full-Day Hiking Tour. Photo credit: Danilo Costanzo IG: @danjacostanzo

For any information, do not hesitate to contact our staff. We look forward to seeing you!

*Please, note that during winter the visit of the lava tunnel may not be guaranteed.